Taking place just after the events of Deep Space Nine's "Broken Link", Gamma is set in the Gamma Quadrant where just after the Defiant returns to Deep Space Nine, the Dominion, in an attempt at gaining more control over the area, sends twelve fighters, a trio of warships, and a Battlecruiser. Faced with annihilation, the crew takes heed and flees the immediate area. In the attempt to flee at emergency speeds, a grand old 5.2, suffered a plasma leak that killed some of the already short-handed crew. One month later, they happen upon an alien outpost that appears to be abandoned. Desperate for any relief from the small ship, an away team is assembled to beam over.

Set at the beginning of 2373, we follow the story of the USS Blackhawk NCC-78452 on its journey through the Gamma quadrant shortly after the Dominion blockade of the wormhole leading to the Beta Quadrant, Bajor, and overall home. With the assistance of our Oberth class, we will take a turn at new discoveries, potential allies, and even some new enemies. Will the crew of the noble USS Blackhawk thrive in a quadrant with overwhelming odds? Will they journey like Voyager? Explore like the Enterprise? Or set up a local shop like Deep Space Nine for the long haul? Let's find out!

NOW ON Gamma...

You can find our server at Sim Central Discord just accept the rules and hunt me down.

Click on #join-a-game and type "Gamma" and you will find us there ready and waiting to answer questions as well as join our prospective crew chat.

We are a 333/18+ SIM. Proud member of SimCentral!

*Positions are first come first serve.

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» Gamma and Stuff

Posted on Tue Apr 5th, 2022 @ 4:33pm by Captain Cael Maz in General News

Due to the sim being down for a while kinda sucked, am I right? Well, we sorted the issue out and we are back baby! With that, I want to offer my commitment to you as a GM. I am committed to running this sim despite the hardships going on in my personal life and will contribute as much time as I can to keep this sim operational. Also, as a player, I want to contribute my best work as always toward this sim.

What I need is a crew that is going to fight for this sim as much as I am willing to do. Recruitment will be restarted again but if you know you are not seeing an advert run for this sim somewhere, I might not be on that location. Get with me so we can run an advert there as well.

I know with Covid disappearing people are going back to work or are working double-time to play catch up. I myself am doing the same as I try to maintain a full-time job as well as full-time parenting. But I will stand by my commitment. If you are a current player and can not commit to playing any longer, PM me on Discord and we will remove you from the site. If you are interested and have yet to find a position you like or have questions, PM me.

Let's get to rocking!

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» Resources

Mission: S1E2: What Was Lost
Posted on Mon May 30th, 2022 @ 7:01am by Lieutenant Commander Wera Reeves & Commander T'Laan

While getting ready for the away mission down to the hanger, Wera remembered a conversation that had happened not too long before.

Stardate: 237212.25
Time: 1407

Entering Main Engineering, T'Laan scanned the space briefly. While the Blackhawk was a small ship, she had always enjoyed Engineering and the…

» Late Hour Questions

Mission: S1E2: What Was Lost
Posted on Mon May 9th, 2022 @ 12:50pm by Lieutenant JG Cormac MacArthur & Ensign Eris

Cormac was, for the most part, dead to the world. He was to report in once they arrived at the destination that had some odd readings the ship was picking up. Power fluctuations or something they said was detected. He was content just knowing they would be stopping. This nonstop…

» Now Found

Mission: S1E2: What Was Lost
Posted on Wed Apr 27th, 2022 @ 10:28am by Captain Cael Maz & Lieutenant JG Cormac MacArthur & Commander T'Laan & Lieutenant Commander Wera Reeves & Lieutenant Jack Carson & Lieutenant Bayre Antylle & Lieutenant Amelix Milumad & Lieutenant Pakema Mahijs & Ensign Rani Giehl & Ensign Gabrielle Ververs & Ensign Eris

Cael looked at the information coming in on the main viewscreen. It had been an arduous month getting from the wormhole to here. While they kept passive scans active, they were at the end of their range. They had about 12% eyes on the situation around the wormhole and that…

» Be Careful What You Wish For

Mission: S1E1: Blockaded
Posted on Fri Apr 15th, 2022 @ 6:24pm by Warrant Officer Gabriel Angeles

Próseche ti éfchesai, mípos gínei pragmatikótita.

Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true. Gabriel didn't remember much of the Greek he had learned in the undergraduate class he had taken more than a decade ago, on Ancient Human Cautionary Tales. He remembered that particular line, though. It…

» Is the ship getting cataracts?

Mission: S1E1: Blockaded
Posted on Sun Feb 20th, 2022 @ 7:46pm by Ensign Eris & Lieutenant Commander Wera Reeves

The young ensign; or was she young, it was tough to tell, coming out of the Collective the sense of time was severely warped, was in the Astrometrics lab going over the latest updated maps trying to find a way out of this mess, and potential future mess's.

{This isn't…